boumh_po The Official Gazette (BOUMH) is the official journal of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. It publishes the resolutions and agreements of general interest for the university community that are issued by UMH governing bodies.
toumh_po The Official Bulletin (TOUMH) is the official site for publications of UMH acts and communications that must be published pursuant to legal or regulatory provisions. The actual bulletin is located in the General Registry (Rectorado & Consejo Social Building – ground floor), and there you can consult it personally. However, here you can access online documents that are currently published.
youtube_av Our educational channel on YouTube contains videos with daily updates of teaching, scientific dissemination, institutional content, etc.
umhtv_av Audio, video, and images produced by the university form the Audiovisual Archive of the UMH. You can consult a large number of photos, audio, and video related to university activities.
umhtv_av UMH TV is the audiovisual channel of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. In this section, you can find weekly news programs featuring the latest on the UMH and different stories.
umhradio_av UMH Radio is the university voice. Its programming keeps you current on news, sports, culture, research, and of course the latest university activities.
itunes_av The UMH iTunes U platform has positioned itself into 4th place among Spanish-speaking universities in its course offerings. Discover this new universe on your phone or tablet.
OCW_av The OCW portal of our university is a website containing open teaching materials created by UMH faculty.
parque_cientifico_ue The Quorum Foundation, managing the UMH Scientific and Business Park, promotes and coordinates activities between businesses and the university in matters of science, technological development, and innovation.
otri_ue The Technology Transfer Office (OTRI) acts as liaison between the university and businesses and institutions to promote R&D activities and knowledge transfer.
nau_de_la_innovacio_ue The Nau de la Innovació is an incubator and business accelerator that supports entrepreneurs, startups, and innovative companies. The Nau manages entrepreneurship marathons and sprints, as well as the pro-entrepreneur fund financing new projects.
practicas_empresas_ue The Occupational Observatory at the UMH manages internships thanks to more than 7,000 cooperation agreements with businesses and institutions. It is also responsible for promoting university-business relationships through educational cooperation agreements, the job bank, and job days.
umhsapiens_dc The UMH Sapiens digital magazine compiles advances and results achieved by different research groups and experts at the Miguel Hernández University and connects them with today’s society and interests.
radiociencia_dc UMH Radio, through its programming, means, mechanisms, and strategies must facilitate that research activity is made known, broadcasting to society the work being carried out at a public institution.
radiociencia_dc Provides links to diverse popular science blogs related to the Miguel Hernández University.
editorial_umh The Miguel Hernández University provides the university community with the possibility of publishing e-books that reflect teaching and research activities, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge generated at the UMH.
edx_av EdX is a not-for-profit project founded by Harvard University and MIT whose mission is to deliver the best of higher education to students of all ages anywhere in the world via the Internet. The massive open online courses (MOOC) on the edX platform are interactive and their subject matter includes computer science, public health, and artificial intelligence.
youtube_av Our educational YouTube channel offers daily updates of educational content, scientific dissemination, institutional videos, etc.
itunes_av Apple’s UMH iTunesU platform has become the fourth Spanish-speaking university in course offerings. Discover this new universe with your smartphone or tablet.
OCW_av The OCW portal of our university is a website complete with open teaching materials created by UMH faculty.